At DartPoints Services we focus on excellent customer satisfaction as it relates to preserving and protecting your mission critical facilities.

Network Operations Center & Services

Maintaining 100% uptime of your critical infrastructure is fundamental in all aspects of your business.  You do this using the right tools that will collect your data and provide insight into your data that   will help cultivate better business practices, help strategize for expansion, and alleviate complications, well in advance before concerns become problems.  DartPoints NOC Services provides 24x7x365 monitoring of your facilities, critical infrastructure, and IT equipment, using the latest monitoring and DCIM platforms, with the ability to integrate 3rd party hardware and software into your platform.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance on your equipment is essential. We provide extended warranties and maintenance services, whether or not you purchase your equipment from us, on the following equipment: Generator, ATS, STS, RPP, UPS, PDU, Chiller, CRAC/CRAH

Project Management Services

We provide a full suite of Project and Program Management Services that help advise a project strategy; select equipment; provide scopes of work and methods of procedure; appraise a Bill of Materials (BOM) or budget; and methodically prioritize, schedule, and communicate project phases and resources.

Data Center Assessment Services

A Data Center Assessment includes: Site Inspection; evaluation of the load capacity constraints; Identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks; valuation of concurrent maintenance capacity; improvement recommendations; and a comparison to the identified business objectives for the intended use of the space.

Cooling/UPS Response Agreements Rental Options available

Due to unanticipated and strategic outages where cooling and UPS power is required at a moment’s notice, we ensure your mission critical facility is operating at optimum capacity upon emergency.