Experience & Scale

Since 2012, DartPoints has been focused on deploying and operating edge colocation data centers in: commercial office space, repurposed existing buildings, green field deployments, office parks, warehouses, and modular buildings.

Precision and flexibility are essential in deploying and operating edge colocation data centers at the locations that our customers require.  DartPoints is real estate agnostic, which allows us to deploy and operate secure, compliant, highly-available collocation everywhere from existing buildings in large metropolitan areas to green-field deployments in rural areas.

Years of experience have allowed DartPoints’ to build and standardize the operational support systems to sustain our network of edge colocation data centers.  The key is to operate each individual data center site to the requirements of the customer, while also standardizing our systems to ensure every data center provides the same experience.


Custom Solutions Built Around Your Business Needs

Whether in a stand-alone, dedicated enterprise edge colocation data center or a nation-wide deployment of multi-tenant data centers, DartPoints has the experience and scale to provide you with the solid foundation on which to deploy your distributed interconnect, compute, and storage needs.