Join the Pioneer in the Micro Edge Data Center Market.

Since 2012, DartPoints has been singularly focused on perfecting the deployment and operations of the Micro Edge Data Center, whether it is in an office building, warehouse, cell tower, or rural towers.

Micro Edge Data Center deployment requires both engineering precision and operational flexibility to create critical data center infrastructure in places required by our customers.  It takes experience to know how best to utilize existing real estate infrastructure and augment with additional systems to ensure an N+1 data center capable to providing a 100% Uptime Service Level agreement. Establishing a secure, compliant, highly-available environment is only the first step.


The latest from the DartPoints team

DartPoints CEO Hugh Carspecken Named in Top 200 Most Influential Data Economy Leaders

Hugh Carspecken (DATA-ECONOMY) DartPoints CEO Hugh Carspecken Named in Top 200 Most Influential Data Economy Leaders. “Data Economy is proud to run for the first time the Power 200, a...
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DartPoints Prepares for Nationwide Deployment; Announces Cash-Flow Positive Status

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DartPoints Holdings, LLC, a founder and recognized leader in the micro edge data center industry, is pleased to announce that it recently achieved cash flow-positive status as an operating...
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The Future of the Edge is Edge Data

Comments on the article from DartPoints CEO Hugh Carspecken: “DartPoints is seeing more and more users placing their data at the edge, for their particular, corporate needs. They are doing...
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